Need Homestuck cosplay props or horns?



    Hey, one of my hobbies is making shit. Unfortunately, I can’t do digital artwork anymore because my tablet broke. But I can make cosplay stuff — props, horns, stuff like that.

    I mostly work with paper mache and insulation foam, which is a really sturdy, almost weightless material. I don’t use model magic [yet, but I’m going to work on getting good with it, too] like a lot of others do. You can poke screws through my horns and create a headband with interchangeable horns this way, as long as you poke the screws through your wig. The headband is nearly invisible this way! That’s part of why I like it.

    In the future, I’ll make YouTube tutorials on how to make these horns if you’re interested. This foam stuff comes in really big sheets so I wouldn’t recommend using it for just one pair of horns or one prop, and it’s a little difficult to get used to and all that.

    My main speciality is larger horns — think Tavros, Aradia, and the ancestors. I absolutely love making Tavros horns, they are my favourite, and among the easiest for me to make because of their simple shape.

    Usually when I finish my horns, I give you just the horns, no headband. I described one way to attach them above, but there’s many more ways — glue, for one. Generally, I would rather not go hunt down headbands to attach your horns to, because I don’t know how happy you’d be with a particular type or attachment method. I felt it best to just leave it up to the requester once they receive the horns.

    When I paint them, I usually do so in a cartoony fading effect, because the canon sprites are sometimes coloured like this.

    Some of my older horns [like the Aradia horns] have off colouring to them, but I strive for colours as close to canon as possible with my newer ones. I can paint using other methods too, I can try a gradient or I can just use clean stripes, but if you don’t specify, you’re getting this.

    In order to get these, please send me an ask or submit message. Take note, these are NOT commissions, they are offered for trades. What sort of trades am I looking for?

    • Art trades, such as sewing Homestuck cosplay outfits or plushies
    • Wigs or makeup for my cosplays. Ben Nye makeup and stuff like that.
    • Merchandise from TopatoCo/WhatPumpkin/Homestuck bandcamp/Other online merchandise [Inquire]
    • A limited number of computer hardware I lack [such as speakers, a headset, microphone, graphics tablet, printer — I have none of these or they are so old they barely operate]
    • New or used chest binder shirts/suits/swimwear.

    I can also make props, mostly things such as weapons. Things like Dave’s swords, Karkat’s sickles, maybe even a big prop like the Zillyhoo or Ahab’s Crosshairs.

    I will do other fandoms and original ideas, too, upon request. MLP horns, for example. These I will want money for. I can’t exchange money for Homestuck items, but I can for just about any other fandom, and I need money to fund treatment for my transition, so if you have any ideas for something I can do on commission instead of trade, do not hesitate to ask me.

    Anyway, good luck with your trades/commissions from me! I look forward to making whatever you like.